About me

Hello! I’m Christiaan Ribbens.

I’m a Lead UX/Game Designer from the Netherlands with over ten years of experience and an experienced product owner and scrum master in agile environments.

I’m still a child at heart. The fun and amazement of physical and digital play is the most magical thing. Growing up, I truly loved building crazy Lego castles, playing way too tricky NES games, and being amazed by the fantastic plastic Transformers based on the Power Rangers.

I’ve been writing (in Dutch) about games for over 15 years for the games website www.evilgamerz.com and never stopped thinking about what makes games great. This started my journey into game design and development.

I love to create and discover sparks of magic. I enjoy finding simple and playful solutions to complex puzzles and challenges. The result is someone who likes to challenge themselves to create unique digital and physical experiences indoors and outdoors.

Never stop playing. Pinball collector. Tinkerer. Boardgame enthusiast. BBQ lover.