JibberJabber is the result of my interest in creating a game with a new language. In JibberJabber two wizards want to prove who is the best mage. You must say the spells and how well you pronounce the spells the more effective the spell is. The iPad will listen to your spells, through voice recognition, and will help you. Players will have the choice to roll 1,2 or 3 dice and use the syllables to create words. With three dice, each containing six different syllables, there is a big amount of possibilities and this is the fun thing about the game. Players will learn the JibberJabber language of this game, some syllables do not work, some words don’t exist and some spells have fun and mysterious effects. The result is a small prototype showcasing the possibilities.

Players: 2 (to 4)
Duration: 20 Minutes
Development time: 1 week

[vimeo clip_id=”71581667″ height=”300″ width=”” left=”100px”]