Woven is the first complete e-wearable pervasive game platform. Playing a game has become magical. But during the build we discovered that Woven is much more than a game platform. It is a true platform possible to use during daily activities and make them much more fun. With all the integrated technology, like bluetooth, active speakers, shaker motors, a RGB LED screen and more the sky is the limit…

Spooky lets the player experience the hidden dark and funny world of ghosts, spirits and phantoms. Invisible for the human eye, they are looking to misbehave. You will go on a big adventure, collecting these spirits. The player will be attacked at different times and different locations. Fight these evil ghosts, defeat them and capture them! The game uses your body and heart rate and gives auditory and haptic feedback. Find these ghosts and use the power to scare other players. Fear to believe, the tales were wrong…

Players: 1-2
Team: 2 people ( Patrick Kersten)
Role: Designer, programmer, development
Development time: 7 months

Woven Demo Video

[vimeo clip_id=”47770417″ height=”300″ width=”” left=”100px”]

SPOOKY Demo Video

[vimeo clip_id=”47809346″ height=”300″ width=”” left=”100px”]